Volunteer in Delhi

Experience the beauty of modernity and antiquity in this immersive travel program. Visits will be made to various historical and cultural sites of India including Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India, and Qutub Minar, the tallest brick tower in the world & with amazing workshops.


In this experiential travel program, savor the beautiful chaos of modernity and antiquity and witness the essence of this great nation. The participants will visit various sites of historic and cultural importance including Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India, and Qutub Minar, the tallest brick minaret. The participants will also participate in workshops including, Hindi speaking, cooking classes, and Bollywood dance, where they will also put up a performance. The team will also attend the picnic in the sprawling gardens of India Gate and make lifelong memories and friends.

How to reach?

Delhi the capital of India can be reached easily by air, train, and road depending on where you're coming from.

By Air: Delhi has one of the best connectivity through the air and has the largest airport in India that operates both domestically and internationally. Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi is well connected to all the states in India.

By Train: The train is a good option to reach Delhi too. With multiple terminals, most of the states in India are well connected to Delhi.

By Road: Delhi is well connected by road by all the neighboring states and one can take up a car to reach Delhi from these states.

By Public Transport: A lot of buses operate to and from Delhi through its multiple bus terminals. You can even find a lot of taxis and autos that can help you go around Delhi.


Day 0

Transfer to Accommodation
Upon reaching Delhi, you'll be picked up and dropped off at your accommodation to start off your experience.

Interaction with the TTW representative
Interact with the TTW team over an intimate lunch. We'll get to know each other today and have a small orientation regarding what to keep in mind while traveling in India and volunteering. We also have goodies for you a SIM card and a Metro card for easing of your travel in India.

Check-in to your stay
Check in to your stay and relax for the night to get ready for the amazing experience ahead.

Day 1 to 5

Start your orientation on Day 1
The first day of orientation will mark the start of your volunteering experience. You'll be introduced to your workplace and given instructions regarding your volunteering work.

Volunteering during the day
Your volunteering services will be every day on the weekdays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM and you'll be given proper instructions as to what you need to do. You're free to explore the rest of the day as you wish and we also have a few activities planned out for you.

TTW Recommendation
There are a lot of local markets in Delhi near most of the volunteering places. You can ask the locals and go around on your own to check out the local delicacies and shops too.

Enjoy the basic Hindi workshop
To facilitate basic conversation, by easing the language barrier, a basic Hindi workshop will be organized from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM on one weekday. You'll learn the basics of the local dialect and how to understand the important and commonly spoken words.

Add on: Indian Cooking class
Some other classes like the Indian cooking class can also be arranged to teach you the basics of North Indian meals consisting of seasonal vegetables. You'll get to learn many of the famous North Indian dishes.

Old Delhi Tour
Go out on an exquisite sightseeing tour of Old Delhi which would commence after lunch at 3’o clock and will continue till 8’o clock in the evening on one of the days. A range of locations will be covered including • Gurudwara SisGanj Sahib • Cloth market in Chandni Chowk • Jama Masjid • Chawri Bazaar • Khari Baoli(Spice market)
Tips: There's a scam that runs in Jama Masjid where people ask you money for to take your cameras, you don't have to pay anything to take your cameras so beware of that.

Recommendations: Enjoy the famous dish of "Dahi Bhalle" at Nataraj Dahi Bhalla

Day 6

Head over for the Agra heritage tour
This day will be reserved for a one-day heritage trip to • Agra • Mathura With a rich cultural and historical relevance, this tour will allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of architecture, religion, and faith, and, will make you fall in love with the real India. Here are the places you'll see and a few of our recommendations:

Visit the fortress, Agra Fort
Built-in 1638 and the main residence of the Mughal dynasty till then, the Agra fort is one of the most iconic historical monuments and fortresses that has been built. Sometimes it does get overlooked by the beauty of the Taj Mahal but its wondrous architecture and perfectly planned out location make it a must-visit location.

The wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal
Declared the number one wonder of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site, the Taj Mahal deserves all the praise it gets. A historically rich, culturally relevant, magnificently built, and secret legend makes it the number one place to visit in Agra and even in India.
Tips: The Taj Mahal ticket is valid till 3 hours after issuing, so make sure to plan your day accordingly.

TTW Recommendation
When you're in Agra, make sure to buy the famous sweet that is easily available at every corner "Petha". You'll find numerous stores that sell different types of this sweet. Make sure to haggle a lot too!

Immerse in spirituality at Banke Bihari Temple
The most famous temple and the birthplace of the god Shri Krishna, the Banke Bihari temple is the place to be if you want to see the spiritual devotion of Indians and the cultural significance of temples.

Head back to Delhi
After visiting the amazing cities of Agra and Mathura, head back to Delhi and rest during your stay.

TTW Recommendation
If you have the energy to go out then you can choose from a wide range of cafes and nightclubs to chill in Delhi but we would recommend you to rest tonight and go out tomorrow or the upcoming week.

Day 7

Start your day with a heritage tour of Delhi
A Delhi heritage tour will be organized covering historical tourist attractions showing monuments that tell stories from the era of the Delhi Sultanate to the British era. Some from this extensive list include:

The Delhi heritage tour will take up your whole day, you can choose to visit not all of the heritage sites today and leave rest for the upcoming week if you think you're too tired from yesterday.

Start with Qutub Minar
The gliding tower that attracts all tourists, Qutub Minar is the tallest individual tower in the world and the second tallest monument of Delhi. Despite being succumbed to several reconstructions due to natural phenomena, it still amazes every set of eyes by its soaring height. There are a lot of other small monuments around the Minar which you can take some time out for visiting as well.
Recommendations: You can have breakfast at the famous Qutub Institutional area where they serve amazing mutton parantha(Indian bread) and tea.

Enjoy serenity at Lotus Temple
A testament to the acceptance of diverse cultures in India, visit the beautiful edifice dedicated to the Baha'i faith. Made in the form of a stupendous white petal lotus, it is one of the most visited establishments in the world. With beautiful floral gardens and scintillating pools to take in as the pathway leads to the temple, it envisions showcasing the oneness of the Almighty and is open to people of all faith, religions, and nationality. Don't forget to watch, "An outline of the Baha'i faith", an English short film showcased in the temple every 20 minutes. The first viewing will be at 10:30 AM.

Humayun's Tomb
Sitting on the banks of river Yamuna, the tomb of Emperor Humayun is a beautiful structure sitting in the middle of a huge ornate Mughal garden. Make sure you don't miss out on this beautiful mix of Mughal & Persian architecture. The tomb worked of rubble brickwork and red sandstone and utilizes white marble as a cladding material furthermore for the ground surface, cross-section screens, and entryway outlines It is basically square in plan, however, the edges seem octagonal, to get ready ground for the structure of the inside structure.

Visit the Hauz Khas Village and Fort
Hauz Khas village is one of the best parts of Delhi. Hauz Khas is the party capital of Delhi. It is a fun and affluent area in south Delhi, its heart being the historic Hauz Khas complex. Best food, best clubs, best Pubs, This place has everything. Moreover, it offers a rural and an urban environment. Visit the Hauz Khas fort at the end of the amazing strip complex.

TTW Recommendation
Hauz Khas Village is also famous for the nightlife it has to offer with numerous cafes and nightclubs but the Hauz Khas fort closes at 5 PM so make sure to plan your day accordingly.

Proceed to the India Gate
The All India War Memorial, also referred to as the India Gate is an awe-inspiring monument often compared to Arch de Triomphe in France. It'll be almost evening by the time you reach here and you can have a little picnic by yourself enjoying the pleasant weather and snacking from the various roadside stalls. Believe it or not, doing this is one of the most Delhi things to do and everyone in Delhi has been on a picnic here (Including our team) at least once.

Have fun shopping at Dilli Haat
Designed to invoke the ambiance of a traditional village fair, Dilli Haat is every shoppers' paradise, a foodie's heaven, and the cultural magnet of the metro city. A flamboyant mix of vibrant colors and varied cultures, the bazaar is located in the commercial center of South Delhi. With a lot of stalls showcasing cultural and ethnic items & cuisines from almost every state in India, make sure you leisurely explore the entire compound.

Head back to your stay
After an amazing day out, head back to your stay and rest to get energy for the week ahead.

Day 8 to 12

Participate in Volunteering during the day
You will again participate in volunteering work where, you would be assigned to the chosen area of volunteering work, the timings of which will be 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Learn the art of Bollywood dance
To familiarize you with the glamour of the Bollywood culture of India and its relevance in Indian society a Bollywood Dance Class will be arranged for you on day 10. You will learn the funky steps, and, dance to the techno beats and tunes of Bollywood music.

TTW Recommendation
Delhi is full of amazing parks and eateries where you can just relax and spend your day. Also, you can visit a few famous markets that are the trademark of Delhi shopping, they might be crowded but they offer a really special experience.

Day 13

Free day for exploration
Today will be free for you to explore, you can go around Delhi and enjoy the city on your own.

ADD ON: 1 night trip to Parvati Valley
You can take this weekend to explore the amazing mountains in North India. The Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh has amazing mountain ranges and even trekking options. You can visit towns like Kasol, and Tosh, and go on treks like Kheerganga, and Rasol.
Cost: INR 6000/-

Day 14

Have a farewell lunch
After an intimate farewell lunch in Delhi, signifying an official end of your experience in India, you will be dropped off at the airport in transportation provided by our team. In this wholesome experience, you will not only make friends but long-lasting memories. You will not only have fun but learn and gain a whole new insight into the culture, traditions, and customs of Delhi.

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