Rome-Naples transfer (Car Service), stops in Frascati & Anagni Cathedral

By Via Amalfi
Rome, Italy
$694.41 / person

The escort driver will pick up clients at the address provided. Proceed to Naples with a 120 minutes stop at Frascati town and Anagni Catherdal (120 minutes) where the guest(s) explore the sites. Or the reverse, where pick up is Naples and drop off is Rome with a 120 minutes stop Anagni Catherdal at Frascati town.

Frascati Village was a preferred getaway for Romans. Frascati is perched atop a hill offering the
Romans fresh air, good food and captivating views of surrounding towns and Rome from a distance.
Today about 100,000 people live in this town, which is best known for its locally produced wine.

Anagni Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Anagni, Lazio, Italy, notable as the summer residence of the Popes for centuries. It is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Cathedral, was built in Romanesque style during the years 1071–1105, with Gothic-style additions in the mid-13th century. The crypt contains the tombs of St Magnus of Anagni, the patron of the city, and of St Secundina of Anagni. Fifty years later, during the persecution under Decius (249-51), St. Secondina was martyred at Anagni. Her relics are in the cathedral crypt. It was probably around 450 that a pagan sanctuary on the acropolis of Anagni was transformed into a Christian church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

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We offer a range of car services with a licenced English speaking chauffeur that will guide you through the breathtaking coastlines, quaint towns, local cuisine and ancient volcanic ruins of this stunning Italian getaway. We pride ourselves on the competitiveness of our prices and the quality of our services, and guarantee to provide a memorable experience for all. Our aim is to shine a light on one of Europe’s gems and ensure visitors leave their trip with affection for the corner of the world so close to our heart. From an Italian background, Nancy fell in love with the region and has been helping tour businesses grow and succeed... Read more

Rome-Amalfi transfer (car service) with a stop at Anagni Cathedral

The escort driver will pick up clients at the address provided. Proceed to Amalfi with a 120 minutes stop at Anagni Cathedral to explore this magnificent Cathedral. Or the reverse, where pick up is Amalfi and drop off is Rome with a 120 minutes stop Anagni Catherdal.

Naples-Sorrento Transfer (Car Service) With a Stop in Pompeii

Drop-off service is suitable for transfer from/to Naples airport or railway station to Sorrento, Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello or the other towns on the Amalfi Coast.