Wine Tasting Tour in Athens

By Athens Food on Foot
Athens, Greece
$101 / person

Embark on a quest of discovering the abundance of traditional Greek wines in our wine tasting tour of Athens! In this tour, we offer you some of the world’s most renowned wines and distilled beverages both recognized and enjoyed globally.

The winery we have chosen as our tour’s starting point is arguably the best place for a wine-tasting experience! Resembling a cellar and surrounded by hundreds of wine bottles, its a certainty that you will feel romanced by its luxurious ambiance. Our wine-tasting experience features eight different types of special, high-quality Greek wines for which there is no drinking limit! Therefore the wines will appropriately be accompanied by first-rate greek products to nibble on, such as cheeses, olives, and cured meats.
After that, the tour continues with a night stroll of the “Anafiotika” district, the architecture momentarily transferring you to the beautiful scenes of Greek Islands. Continuing on with this idyllic stroll you will have the opportunity to visit a distillery in the quaint area of Plaka, offering some of the most exquisite distilled beverages you will ever find!

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy this wine tour! With a combination of fantastic alcoholic beverages, high-quality Greek nibbles, and picturesque views, this wine tasting tour will have anyone swooning over Athens!

Wine tasting tour in Athens

Wine tasting tour in Athens

Departure point: Acropolis metro station, Athens
Arrival point: Acropolis metro station, Athens

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