Art Tour in Buenos Aires! Visit artists studios

$55 - $60 / person

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Transfer included. An amazing experience to know Argentinian Contemporary Artists, their studio and love the art works!

Art Tour Buenos Aires is a new service for lovers of visual arts.

Under the specialized guide of the curator Karina Paradiso, you can choose between three circuits to visit:
* San Isidro
* Centro
* Almagro

San Isidro Circuit

You can find geometric, light art, and big size paintings...

Almagro Circuit

Glass art and a experiment center with 7 different artists!

Centro Circuit

Pop art, constructivism art and abstract art style.

A great experience to know the atmosphere, the inspiration and technics of well known Argentinian artists. If you are interested in buying art, affordable prices for the art works and customs details are available.

Geometric Art in San Isidro Circuit

Geometric Art in San Isidro Circuit

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Offered by arttourbuenosaires
Friends! For more than 20 years I have exhibited in my own Art Gallery and Art Fairs in New York, Zurich, Marbella, Seville, Valencia and in Galleries Foundations and Centers of Brussels, Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Luxembourg.Now I invite you to visit Artists ┬┤Studio to know their technics.....and passion!

Retiro & Monserrat Walking Tour

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