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    Mar 29, 2021• by thewanderingpen18

    My Personal Pilgrimage - the Everest Base Camp Trek

    As someone who has been in love with trekking since I was a little kid, the Everest Base Camp trek was nothing short of holy for me. When I started training for it three months ago, I was nervous.I...

    Mar 16, 2021• by thewanderingpen18

    Heaven in Himachal — the Kheerganga Trek

    The Kasol to Kheerganga trek is one of the most scenic treks in India. I had taken this trek a few weeks ago and I'd give anything to go back. Despite being only 2 days long, it takes you up to the...

    Mar 8, 2021• by thewanderingpen18

    My Epic Trek to Everest Base Camp

    Any avid trekker out there will agree with me when I say the Everest Base camp trek is the ultimate. I had it on my list as well but wasn't sure whether I will ever be able to do it. It's one of the...

    Feb 23, 2021• by thewanderingpen18

    Dreaming of An Alpine Wonderland? Go for The Hampta Pass Trek!

    I've trekked to some of the most iconic locations in India. Some places stay in your heart right from the first time you see it, and some creep in without you ever visiting that destination, staying...

    Feb 20, 2021• by thewanderingpen18

    A Birthday Surprise, the Kheerganga Trek

    When your best friend lives for adventure, you make it a point to give her just that on her special day. Alia and I have been friends since our first day in school. And every year, I try to do...

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    Toubkal Trek From Marrakech

    From $140 - $170 / person
    Marrakech, Morocco
    2 days

    More details 

    Berber Villages Trek

    From $120 - $150 / person
    Marrakech, Morocco
    2 days

    More details 

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