Frequently Asked Questions

How can I list my accommodation on Triptipedia?

We explain everything in our presentation page. To get started, create an account, register as a supplier and click on "Add an accommodation".

Your page says that you provide direct bookings, what's a direct booking?

It means that your clients will book and pay directly with you, no 3rd party is involved. Triptipedia's job is to connect customers to you, either via your website or email. There is no booking fee or commission.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, listing your accommodation on Triptipedia is free for the first 90 days.

How do cancellations work?

You can cancel your subscription from your supplier account (Cancel subscription button). Once a subscription is cancelled, no charge will occur.

If the cancellation happens after the free trial, your accommodation stays on Triptipedia for the current monthly cycle. Example:

Where will my accommodation appear?

Your accommodation will get featured on:

How will my accommodation get featured on my own travel tips?

A banner will appear near the middle of your article (see an example here). It will show a preview of your most relevant accommodation to your readers. This banner will stay there as long as your subscription is active.

This gets done automatically, you don't have anything to do. Your travel tip must comply with our guidelines.

Can I list multiple accommodations on Triptipedia?

Yes, use the "Number of listings" menu when selecting your plan.

How can I replace a published accommodation by another?

First disable a published accommodation from your account then create a new one and submit it.

I use a third party to handle bookings, is Triptipedia compatible?

Yes, Triptipedia works with all web-based platforms (Airbnb, Booking, etc).

Can customers make bookings via email?

Yes, you can configure your accommodation with an email address. Instead of being redirected to a URL, your customers will contact you by email to book.

Which types of accommodations are allowed on Triptipedia?

Anything that will let your clients sleep. :)
Hotels, hostels, cottages, camping sites, motels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, homestays, bungalows, apartments, residences, cabins, resorts, etc.