Listing my tour, activity or
transportation service on Triptipedia

As a tour operator or a guide, you can become a Supplier on Triptipedia. This will allow you to list your tours, activities and transportation services on our website, where they can be booked directly by our visitors.

How it works

How it works

Once your listing is created and published, it will get featured on Triptipedia (on the pages and articles related to the area where you are operating).

When a booking is made, you will receive a recap email (price, number of people, date, etc). You can choose to accept or refuse the booking.

You get paid either in person by your customers on the departure day (in person option) or directly on your bank account (bank transfer option).

If you prefer not to use our booking system you also have the option to add an independent listing.



In person: 15% booking fee
Bank transfer: 19% booking fee

You won't have to pay anything to us when a booking is made, our fee is paid directly by your customer.

Registering and submitting tours is free, there is no monthly subscription or hidden fees!

Your price on Triptipedia (including our fee) must be the same as your public price.

What's expected of you


You organize a day tour which costs $60 per person and you decide to submit it on Triptipedia.

For this tour you choose the in person option.

You receive a booking request by email (2 people, July 1st, $120), that you decide to accept. We charge the customers' credit card $18 (our 15% booking fee).

On July 1st you meet your customers before the tour, they pay you $102 (the remaining 85%) and the tour can begin!

Bank transfer option

Bank transfer option

The bank transfer option has a higher fee (19% instead of 15%) but allows you to secure the funds before departure.

Passed a certain date (that you can configure with the cancellation policy), you customers cannot be refunded and your payment is guaranteed.

The money is automatically wired on the day of departure, it takes 5 to 10 business days to reach your account.

This option is available for companies based in: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland & the United Kingdom.

How it works


For each one of your tours you have to select a cancellation policy which defines the refund period: flexible (3 days), moderate (10 days) or strict (30 days).

Early cancellation - the traveler cancels within the refund period:

In case of an early cancellation, you are notified by email that the booking is cancelled.

Late cancellation - the traveler cancels after the refund period or does not show up:

Option 1 - you were getting paid by bank transfer: the traveler is charged for the booking nevertheless. Your funds are therefore secured and you will receive your due payment.

Option 2 - you were getting paid in person by the traveler: your funds are not secured and the booking is lost. No compensation is possible.

Independent listing

Independent listings

If you do not want to use our booking system, you can submit and independent listing. The Book button will instead redirect to the URL of your choice (your own website, your booking platform, etc). The booking is made outside Triptipedia.

The pricing is simple, straightforward and 100% managed by you. Each unique pageview (a visitor coming back still counts as 1) costs 0.1% of the tour price per adult, billed monthly. You can set a monthly maximum fee that cannot be exceeded.

Example: your tour costs $60 per adult, each unique pageview will cost you $0.06 (0.1% of $60). In one month, your listing is visited by 250 different targeted people. You'll be billed $15 (0.06 x 250) for this month.

If your monthly maximum fee is reached, the listing will be hidden until next month.

Cancel with one click at any time, there is no commitment.

Getting started

Getting started

First make sure to read our terms of use, especially the section Listing a tour, an activity or a transport service on Triptipedia as a Supplier. If you need more information you can have a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us.