Listing my tours, activities or transportation services
on Triptipedia

As a tour operator or a guide, you can become a Supplier on Triptipedia. This will allow you to list your tours, activities and transportation services on Triptipedia where they can be booked by travelers visiting the website.


Supplier registration $0
Adding a tour, an activity or a transport service $0
Monthly subscription $0
Booking fee 15%

You won't have to pay anything to Triptipedia when a booking is made, the booking fee is paid directly by the traveler.

How it works

Your tours will appear on multiple pages on Triptipedia and on the websites of our affiliates. To make a booking, the traveler will pay Triptipedia a 15% deposit.

You will then receive an email notifying you that a tour has been booked, containing all the information (number of people, date, options, etc). You can manually accept each booking request or choose the "instant reservation" option so that bookings are automatically accepted.

The remaining 85% are to be paid to you by the traveler on the first day of the tour.


Cancellations by the traveler

For each one of your tours you have to select a cancellation policy:

Flexible Moderate Strict
Partial refund for a cancellation
up to 24h before the tour begins
Partial refund for a cancellation
up to 7 days before the tour begins
Partial refund for a cancellation
up to 30 days before the tour begins
Very attractive for travelers
Harder to manage for suppliers
Attractive for travelers
Manageable for suppliers
Restrictive for travelers
Very comfortable for suppliers

If the traveler cancels within the refund period

In case of an early cancellation, the traveler receives 97% of their deposit back, you are notified by email that the tour is cancelled.

If the traveler cancels after the refund period or does not show up

In case of a late cancellation, the traveler does not get the deposit back, but does not have to pay the remaining 85%.

As a compensation, you will receive a credit of 25% of the deposit. This credit can be used for cancelling bookings and, in the future, to promote your tours on Triptipedia.

Cancellations by the supplier

Cancellations by the supplier are charged 0.6% of the total price (4% of the deposit).

What's expected of you

How to list your tours and activities

  1. Create an account by clicking here.
  2. Register as a supplier
  3. Add a tour or as many as you want.

Once we officially launch, tours & activities will be displayed on the website and you'll start being able to receive bookings.

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