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Jan 17, 2020• by CasaParticular

How Much Does a Casa Particular Cost in Cuba?

The price depends on the season in which you travel to Cuba. In the low season this can be between 20 and 25 CUC. And in the main season between 25 and 30 CUC. In cities such as Havana, Trinidad and...

Jan 16, 2020• by CasaParticular

What is expected of me as a guest of a casa particular?

If you make a reservation, you must respect it and show up on the agreed date. If you do not come the casa owner loses an amount of between 25 and 45 CUC. Probably not much for you. But it is a small...

Aug 11, 2019• by Luis Herrera

The Nuevo Vedado next to the main attractions of Havana

Nuevo Vedado is a neighborhood in Havana, perfect for travelers who want quietness and contact with the local culture in the Cuban capital, as well as explore off the beaten paths in Cuba. In this...

Jun 8, 2019• by CasaParticular

Is there privacy in a casa particular?

In general, the level of privacy is more compared to the privacy that you will experience at a Bed & Breakfast. In most cases the owner gives you a key to your room with which you can lock it...

Jun 3, 2019• by CasaParticular

How did casas particulares arise?

How did casas particulares arise? Before 1997 all accommodation were in the hands of the Cuban state. In fact, there were only (state) hotels. The entire tourist sector was managed by the state...

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