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By Luis_Herrera | Aug 11, 2019
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Nuevo Vedado is a neighborhood in Havana, perfect for travelers who want quietness and contact with the local culture in the Cuban capital, as well as explore off the beaten paths in Cuba. In this area there are particular houses (casas particulares), with a total independence and gardens in front or around them that show a neighborhood with a beautiful view. The owners of them have official licenses that give the service of renting for foreign people.

Designed by architect Mario Romañach

Designed by architect Mario Romañach

The houses are very comfortable and with prices that represent the third parte of the prices of many medium range hotels in Havana. Several services are offered to their customers: Breakfast, meals if they like, excursions to the center and old parte of the city and to other provinces of the island.

Casas particulares  with a total independence and gardens in front

Casas particulares with a total independence and gardens in front

While away from noisy places, Nuevo Vedado has an abundant number of restaurants, night centers to dance or listen to music and important attractions to visit during your trip to Havana. Some of the attractions located in Nuevo Vedado are the Colon Cemetery, the Almendares Park , the Havana Zoo, the Revolution Square and the Art Factory, also the 1830 Gardens, Pepito's Bar, and Delirio Habanero and Café Cantante in The National Theater.

Viazul bus station in Havana

Viazul bus station in Havana

Vía Azul Bus Station is near Nuevo Vedado, that's the way most of the tourists travel to visit other places from Cuba.


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Written by Luis Herrera
I am Luis. Founder & Ceo Hostal Aptofive. I was born and raised in Nuevo Vedado in Havana, and I love my city! I want to share all the great things that my hometown has to offer and leave you with insider information you will only get from a true local and lover of Havana. The tour I am offering is for people who have limited time but want to gain a genuine feel for Havana, without missing the top attraction. Variety (never routine!) is a key part of keeping things interesting and fun. So with me, you will find my tour is fresh and flexible. As a guide, I love to learn what interests you so my tour can engage and leave you with a real feel... Read more

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