Sep 26, 2018• by Ani Right

10 Travel Tips for Fiji

1. Before going to Fiji, decide for yourself: what would you prefer - dry heat or warm humidity. Rainy season in Fiji lasts from November through April. Prices during it lower, but you might face...

Jun 9, 2018• by Veronika Vermeulen

Winter holidays in New Zealand

Ever thought about a winter holiday in New Zealand? If you thought New Zealand was just a summer holiday destination then think again! New Zealand is a year-round destination but a winter holiday...

Jun 9, 2018• by Veronika Vermeulen

Farm to table food in New Zealand

The rise of farm to table tourism in New Zealand Up until the 1980’s the traditional food you would eat was the typical meat, three vegetables and potatoes. Simple food but not very...

Jun 9, 2018• by Veronika Vermeulen

Private guided tours in New Zealand

Is a private guided tour really a cost-effective option or just a luxury? Many people would think a private guided tour would be an expense they couldn’t afford but you might be surprised. Group...

May 16, 2018• by Antony

The pros and cons of flying fixed wing vs. helicopter

New Zealand is renowned for having one of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes of anywhere in the world. It is without question, that one of the best ways to travel and take in this grandeur, is...

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