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By Eileen_Pretty_Little_Mantras | Dec 19, 2018
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I’ve been to a few places in Australia and even stayed in Adelaide for 3 months but Perth is definitely my favorite city to live in. It’s modern, there is parks everywhere, it’s festive but also very quiet. The WA capital has so much to offer, I’ve been living here for 3 years and I am excited to share with you the things that I love doing and what I recommend to do in Perth.

Take a walk in Kings Park

You probably heard that a lot already, but Kings Park is an absolute gorgeous place to go. With more that 400 hectares, this is the perfect spot for a picnic, a jog or a walk, plus, you can find the best view of Perth. I love going to Kings Park during the spring season when I can admire the beautiful wildflowers, or any special day during the year when you can watch the fireworks from the lookout.
Kings Park lookout

Grab a lunch at the Yagan Square

The Yagan Square has been built this year and give a bit of vibrance to the city. It is located just next to the Perth Busport and is directly connected to Northbridge ! This means that we don't have to walk all the way around anymore ! It’s like an extention of William Street when you cross Wellington Street. This is the perfect place to have a nice and healthy lunch with your friends and family. You have the choice between different types of delicious food so be wild when you pick !
Yagan Square

Chill out in Fremantle

Go to Perth Station and take the train to Freo ! It's only at a 20 minutes distance and yet the vibe of this city is so different ; Victorian architecture and big maritime history, I also like calling it the hippie town. Because people are so chilled ! I recommend you spend a whole day as there is so many things to do. From the famous Fremantle Markets to the non-less famous prison, you can also enjoy a romantic view from the Ferris Wheel at the Esplanade Park and more importantly have a great lunch and crack a cold one at the Little Creatures. This place is so popular and you are really missing out if you don't go there.

Fremantle Ferris Wheel

Fremantle Ferris Wheel

Go on a wine tour

Okay, I'm French, and I looooove wine. No need to explain why I enjoy wine tours. Take a bus or a Uber Vino on a sunny Sunday and go get tipsy with your friends in the Swan Valley ! Most wineries offer free wine tastings so this is a great opportunity to get a nice bottle, you can chill, drink and eat some good cheese (yum !) while admiring the beautiful view. If you are not a wine drinker, you can also enjoy a great beer as there is some nice breweries on the way. But don't go home without closing your day at the Chocolate Factory !

Get on a boat on Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is the flagship place of Perth, there is an exhibition center, pubs and restaurants, and of course, the marina. Boat parties are so much fun and this is the perfect summer experience. Have a great time with your friends, with good music, food and alcohol, hit the boat dancefloor, have a swim and enjoy the amazing view of the city, floating on the Swan River. Tempting isn't it?

Perth skyline

Perth skyline

Visit Caversham Wildlife Park

My Mum came from France to visit me last year and she was really excited to see the australian wildlife. As a animal lover I liked Perth Zoo but I believe the best place to go is Caversham Wildlife Park. It's a 35 minutes drive from the city but if you don't have a car, the journey is a bit longer but still fun ! We took the Midland line to Bassendean, and the bus 955 to Lord Street. Then, it is a 2km walk in the wild where you can already see some kangaroos jumping around.Once you get to the zoo, you are garanteed to enjoy it. This park is essentially dedicated to australian species and perfect to spend the day with your family. You can take photos with a koala, feed and pat the kangaroos, hold a snake or even milk a cow. I also love the different programs that ensure the survival of the animals and how they make the visitors involved in their conservation efforts.

Kangaroos at Caversham Park

Kangaroos at Caversham Park

Explore Rottnest Island

You can’t leave Perth without going to Rottnest Island ! It is very touristic and can be a bit pricy but really worth it. If you are on a budget, the best is to book during weekdays, preferably Tuesdays. You can rent a bike and a snorkeling set for quite a good price, and you have to get up early as the island is pretty big and the last ferry back to the city is at around 4pm. Or, you can have the option to stay for the night and enjoy the incredible sunset. Once you get there, choose your itinary and enjoy the breathtaking view ! The beaches in Rottnest are just gorgeous and it really feels like a holiday. And of course, don’t forget your selfie with a Quokka ! Those little marsupials are super cute and very friendly but don’t get influenced by other tourists and follow the rules that say not to feed or touch them. The quokka has been declared ‘vulnerable to extinction’, so get some beautiful pictures and be respectful to them.
Selfie with a Quokka

Swim with dolphins in Rockingham

This is an amazing and unique experience. I’ve never seen dolphins before and having the opportunity to swim with them is just incredible. We booked a tour with Rockingham Wild encounters, and spent half the day on a boat, learning a lot about dolphins and snorkeling for pretty much the very first time. I was so nervous because I’m a bit scared of the ocean even though I’m also passionate about it, but so excited at the same time ! My heart was racing every single time I had to dive and watching the dolphins dancing in the water is so beautiful and unforgettable. I absolutely loved it !

Enjoy the Sunset on Scarborough Beach

If you want a chilled rest of the day, take advantage of the beautiful weather, grab some wine and some snacks and go relax at the beach. Perth is full of nice spots and is very famous for its beaches, and let’s be honest, it’s the Indian ocean in front of you ! You have the choice between so many popular beaches like Cottesloe, but my little favorite is Scarborough. Scarborough has a big holiday vibe where you can escape. The beach is also the place for nice little markets and live music and if you go there at sunset, here you are : best place on earth to be after a tough week. The best day to go is definitely Thursday night during spring-summer and enjoy the Sunset Markets, this is legit so cool !

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach

Enjoy a movie at the Palace Cinemas

Yes, the Raine Square has finally re-opened, and it is super fancy ! With a bright new food court downstairs connected to the train station and the convenient Coles upstairs, we also have an extra floor ! A super elegant cinema with a deluxe bar and a terrace, where you can enjoy a glass of wine before the movie and….during the movie ! The whole place is very elaborate and the seats are really comfy, you also have a little tray that you can put your drink on. The tickets are not even more expensive than any other cinemas around. Perth City was waiting for this for a very long time I reckon ! This is the perfect date for a Saturday night.
Palace cinemas Raine Square

Palace Cinemas, Perth

Palace Cinemas, Perth

Have a drink night at a cocktail bar

Get dressed up and go out. Imagine yourself sipping a cocktail on a rooftop bar and appreciate the view of the city lights. Perth has an amazing skyline and it’s even better at night. The best views can be seen from the Aviary Perth and the Henry’s Upstairs Bar. There is a massive ambiance and great music. If you want something more ‘chic’, then go to The Laneway Lounge or Wolf Lane ; these are my favorite. Enjoy a great time with your friends or your date, cocktails are pretty expensive to be fair (around $20) but who cares, just do it. They are really worth the shot!
Laneway Lounge, Murray Street
Hope you enjoy your journey in Perth !
With love,
Eileen - Pretty Little Mantras

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