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By Sunnysidetrip | Nov 25, 2019
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The second city we have been living, but certainly the number one in our hearts, is Perth, a city that not everyone choose as a destination. Probably known as one of the most isolated cities in the world, there is not too much to be frightened of, because in reality it is a real pearl.

It should be noted that it is different from all other major Australian cities. With only 1.985.000 million people, and of notably reduced dimensions, the city center of Perth can easily be walked around. Divided by the Swan River, and a few kilometers from the ocean, Perth is a mix of old colonial style with mirrored skyscrapers that reflect the thousand colors of the sunset. Rich of parks, restaurants, cafes and shops, Perth has so much to offer. There is only one question to ask: "What are you looking for? Unbridled parties every night like Melbourne or Sydney? Or chill and relax like a real Australian Life Style?" If you are oriented on the second option, then Perth is the perfect city for you! Don't fret us, the nightlife is also here, though not 7 days a week, but what's the price of a chillin every day, without feeling the stress and pressure of city life, even though this is a city? For us it's priceless!

5 Places Not to Be Missed at Perth


Fremantle, also called Freo by the Australians, is a suburb of Perth, just 20 minutes by train from the city center and it's more than a neighborhood, it's a small village overlooking the sea.

Old style, full of restaurants, cafes and shops, many Italians choose to go to live in Fremantle because of the relaxing lifestyle that Freo has to offer. One of the most famous streets of this suburb is Cappuccino Strip, which takes its name from the many cafés where you can drink among the best cafés in the city. But Freo is not just that. One of the things
not to be missed is the Fremantle Markets. They take place every weekend, where you will find fresh fruit and vegetables at a reduced price, handmade products (candles, incense, clothes), street food stands from all over the world, such as India, Italy, China. You can spend a full day of shopping and good food. One of the stands that we liked the most was coffee one. At the corner of the main entrance, this stand sells about fifty types of coffee with flavored beans, from chocolate, to cinnamon, from amaretto to whiskey. There is the right taste for everyone.

If you walking next to the sea you will find fish restaurants, the Ferris wheel and the view of the harbor. Perfect place for a romantic sunset dinner!

Fremantle Markets, Perth

Fremantle Markets, Perth

Kings Park

One place not to be missed when talking about Perth is Kings Park. We found this park very particular, different from the other parks we have been here in Australia. Located on a hill, Kings Park has to offers a view of the city that will leave you breathless, especially at sunset time when the CBD skyscrapers take on fairy-tale colors, from lilac to blue, from iridescent red to silver. Of an almost surreal green, Kings Park is the home the Botanical Gardens, where you will discover the diversity of plants and flowers that are born in this land surrounded by the desert, in which the mild temperatures and the dry climate give life to a flora that you would not think to see in this part of the globe. In addition to giving the opportunity to walk and admire the city that stretches along the river, one of the main attractions of Kings Park is the DNA Tower which stands right at the highest point of the hill, from which you will see among the most suggestive sunsets that this city has to offer.

Kings Park, Perth

Kings Park, Perth

Scarborough Beach

Starting from the fact that the Wester Australia is the state with the most incredible beaches of the whole continent, Scarbourogh, besides being among the most famous, is also the closest to reach from the city center. You can arrive in this suburb with only 25 minutes by bus from the main station (Perth Busport) in Wellington Street, and in no time you will find yourself in costume, lying on the fine white sand watching the crystal blue ocean. This is where you will see your new Australian life begin! Are you tired of lying down and sunbathing, or are you starting to get a little hungry? Perfect, just go back to the main street that you can choose from restaurants, cafes and ice cream to satisfy your needs. Furthermore, every Thursday, Scarborough hosts the sunset markets, with international Street food stands, from Italian fried pizza to kebab, from noodles to curry chicken, all accompanied by the fresh breeze from the sea (Fremantle doctor), which even on the hottest days will keep you company.

Scarborough clock tower, Perth

Scarborough clock tower, Perth

Elizabeth Quay

How can we not talk about the most touristic point of this city? Elizabeth Quay was born on the Swan River Bay and hosts many attractions that we recommend to do not miss, like the Elizabeth Quay Bridge, the bridge that cross the bay and which overlooks what is considered the symbol of Perth, the Spanda, a structure created to represent the connection between the river, the earth, the sky and the universe, hence the name that means "divine vibration". Another must-see, right behind Elizabeth Quay, is the "bells tower" an 83-meter glass tower that is the house of 18 bells, (second in the world only after Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin), which sound 1 hour a day (from 12 a 13) 3 days a week (Monday, Thursday and Sunday). Obviously, besides all this can't miss coffe and ice cream shop, bistros and restaurants where you can stop for a quick bite or for drink a cold beer in the most famous place in the cit

Sunset on Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Sunset on Elizabeth Quay, Perth

North Bridge

The weekend has arrived and you're wondering what is the right place to have fun? Northbridge is the district where nightlife takes place mainly from Thursday to Sunday. Perhaps not very well known for the presence of aborigines that sometimes, under the drug, can be aggressive, in real we have not found it so dangerous, indeed. Here the fun is at home. Among the most popular clubs in the city we can mention "The Paramount" which you can recognise from the very long que and the electric blue lights that illuminate the street for a hundred meters and "The Bird" a simple pub with a backyard, where you can enjoy a nice beer under the trees sprinkled with lanterns that give the garden an air of hipster. There are hundreds of clubs in this neighborhood including Irish pub, clubs, house and techno music, in short, you'll be spoiled for choice, but if you love the techno like us, you can't miss the Sunday evening at "Never Mind Small Club" you will be pleasantly impressed.

If, you arrive in Perth in the summer, in addition to the vast choice that Northbridge has to offer, you can opt for the countless parties that this city offers such as "Habitat", "Fringe World" and many others!

Paramount club, North Bridge, Perth

Paramount club, North Bridge, Perth

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