Rotels: The Touch of Innovation World Needs to Accept

By Women_Travel_Groups | Jul 21, 2020

Rotels are a variety of capsules or concept hotels introduced by a German company, Das Rollende. This travel concept has attracted several tourists who are keen on exploring the wildest and most remote places in greater detail. Though capsule hotels are in vogue now, Rotels were way ahead of time as they had introduced hotel on wheels since 1945. Rotels are custom-built buses where they have an inbuilt kitchen, bathrooms and accommodates about 24-34 occupants. Unlike other hotels on wheels, Das Rollende does not limit its travel within the cities. The bus covers multiple countries and is manufactured in such a way that they are equipped to move across any terrains from deserts to snow-capped mountains to marshlands.

Rotels are luxury on wheels that would gift you the most memorable time of your lives just by sitting on your hotel bed. Amazing huh! They give you a glimpse of the countries and locations in all its authenticity, and one gets to explore the raw mode of life and not the sight one gets to see by staying in 5-star luxury hotels. Das Rollende mainly hosts travel to Asian countries. They travel across countries like crossing Italy, Greece, Turkey, Turkmenistan Pakistan, and India. From India, they fly back to Germany. They also host travels to China, Mongolia, etc. From camping at the jungles to roaming around deserts, the occupants get to experience it all.

This unique concept of hotels has already been tried and tested in Germany and about time it is replicated throughout the world. Rolling hotels can be a great hit among the touristswho want to explore the country in a limited time. Also, unlike buses, passenger trains do not give you the freedom to stop anywhere you want to travel across different terrains. Hotels in the form of a train would be highly expensive, too, as one needs to build railway tracks for travel. But Rotel buses are free to halt and travel across various terrains without any trouble.

The company currently has close to 3,400 beds, and each bus can cater to a group of 20-40 individuals. The standard hotel rooms are 6ft in length and 3ft in height. During the day, the occupants sit in the front coach of the bus only to sleep in their bunks at night. Rotels are a luxury hotel, and road trips all clubbed into one. Rotel holidays describe themselves as journeys for active people, regardless of age. It is directed to those tourists who prefer budget-friendly travel by avoiding luxury air travel. It is directed mainly to those excited people and not to those who want a vacation to stay idle and relax. Rotel encourages hikes and treks as well as night safaris.

Rotel holidays claim to respect the cultural and traditional values of the countries and people they come across and. They also show participants an authentic view of the people, culture, and nature of a country, rather than art shows and museums. Rotel holidays also claim that they support local traders to get that authentic feel, this way they support the small-scale industries, Indian tourism can learn quite a lot from Rotel holidays. India being a haven for all tourist lovers, can make this concept a great hit.

Also, this form of travel and tourism is affordable compared to air or rail form as they involve staying in hotels besides travel. This is what makes the concept of capsule hotels a significant hit. In terms of experience, it can provide one of the best times of your lives and that too at a cheaper rate. India is a hub of various cultures and traditions across boundaries.

This concept of rote holidays is the best way by which one could experience the authenticity of our country. One could also explore the rural parts, interact with the people there, and live among the locals. Also, it can empower the small-scale cottage industries by having a tie-up with them. Also, if introduced, India does not have to encourage cross country travel. Because Our country, which is rich in culture and heritage, can give a lifetime of experience all alone. India is every tourist's paradise.

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