Traveling to Destinations with Smoke-Free Laws?

By alisha | Feb 8, 2024

Traveling to Destinations with Smoke-Free Laws? Here's What to Keep In Mind as a Responsible Tourist

Photo by via Pexels

Photo by via Pexels

Being a tourist doesn't just mean creating fun and engaging itineraries but also being responsible when exploring your chosen destination. For example, this previous article outlines ways to respect the sanctity of Bali's beautiful beaches, especially if it's your first time visiting the location. These include setting aside time to take part in beach cleanups and avoiding direct interactions with the local wildlife.

Additionally, Bali has been implementing a 100% smoke-free law since 2013, making adherence to public policy equally essential to being a responsible tourist. Considering cigarette smoking can compromise public health and the environment, other popular tourist destinations have also enacted smoking-related laws. As respect and mindfulness must be shown no matter where you go, here's what to keep in mind when traveling to smoke-free destinations.

Examples of smoke-free destinations

As previously mentioned, tobacco isn't just harmful to the smoker's individual health and well-being. Because of secondhand smoke, tobacco use can also expose nonsmokers to carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. Cigarette smoking can also endanger the environment by contributing to waste and air pollution.

Thus, various countries and specific destinations have become stricter about smoking in public places, including beaches, restaurants, and modes of transport. In Asia, joining Bali in being smoke-free are Penang, Malaysia, Krabi, Thailand, and Iloilo, Philippines. Meanwhile, European countries with the strictest smoke-free provisions include Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, and Ireland.

It is also worth noting that governments and health departments are aware that smoking bans do not negatively affect tourism. This 2022 study notes that years-long smoke-free legislation in Caribbean countries like Barbados (2010), Guyana (2017), Jamaica (2013), and Trinidad and Tobago (2009) have not interfered with relevant tourism metrics like number of arrivals, tourism expenditure, average length of stay, and business activity.

As more destinations are expected to follow suit in enacting and updating smoking laws, the following section outlines travel-friendly tips for smokers.

Travel-friendly tips for smokers

Bring smokeless alternatives

Although the main goal is to quit cigarettes, even if only during the trip, travelers who smoke may understandably struggle with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, they can opt for cigarette alternatives like oral nicotine pouches, which are not only tobacco-free but also do not emit any odor or smoke in public places. This website showcases the wide selection of nicotine pouch flavors, strengths, and brands, like ZYN and VELO, that are available online. Online retailer Prilla even offers special deals and ships directly from warehouses to your doorstep, allowing you to order and pack nicotine pouches ahead of your trip.

Consider nicotine replacement therapy

Alternatively, traveling smokers can also use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), an evidence-based pharmacological approach that also relieves cravings and withdrawals. NRT can vary by delivery format, with most oral products like Nicorette gums and lozenges available over the counter. Meanwhile, if you want more controlled doses using a spray device so as not to interfere during your trip's mealtimes, this page explains the delivery format and dosage options for the Nicotrol nasal spray. Aside from noting its recommended dosage and potential adverse reactions, remember it requires a prescription in case you run out and need to replace the product during your trip.

Download quit-smoking apps

As you'll likely use your smartphone to navigate, communicate, and make transactions throughout your trip, you can also download quit-smoking apps to complement your use of smokeless alternatives or NRT. This research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine cites's mobile app, quitSTART, as effective for providing active, tailored support to smokers undergoing cessation. Specifically, the app has interactive features for tracking progress, coping with cravings, and receiving real-time support if the tagged times and places in the geolocation services trigger your cravings.

Ultimately, be prepared to compromise by cutting your cigarette intake when visiting destinations with smoke-free laws. Not only does this help you avoid penalties and fines, but it also cultivates your character as a mindful and responsible tourist.

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