Afternoon delights with Sofia

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Spend an afternoon like locals do. Walk around the city center and taste Bulgarian sweets, Bulgarian wine and meze. See the main sites of Sofia – Kings’ Palace, National Theater, the ‘Small Jerusalem square”. Visit the popular Central Hali Market.


We continue the tour through the Rotunda St. George, St. Nedelya church, Banya BashiOur local guide will show us the beautiful buildings of the Natoinal Theater,

King’s palace, Presidency and will lead us to the Art Club, which is a favourite place for the locals. Here we will stop for a snack and try the world famous Shopska salad, prepared from fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese and spices and a cup of a traditional Bulgarian drink ayryan, prepared from yogurt.
Mosque and the Synagogue – situated in a square, called The Small Jerusalem, because in 5 minutes’ walk one can see very important monuments and temples of 3 religions. Then we will visit Central Hali Market – a building with more than 100 years of history. With it’s architecture from the beginning of 20th century it is now a modern market mall. Here we may taste typical sweets like baklava and tolumbichki, buy fresh fruits and vegetables and also get some nuts or sausages.
After that we will walk on the pedestrian street Vitosha. Here we will taste fantastic Bulgarian wine together with different meat cuts – meze: lukanka, babek, fillet Elena, pastarma.
Here our tour ends, but you may continue the gustation with different hot or cold appetizers, dishes, desserts from the fantastic Bulgarian cuisine.

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