Belgian Beer Experience

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Discover all you need to know about beer tasting 6 local beers! After this experience you will know everything about brewing, beer, its history and how to taste it!

To understand all about beer, we will need to brief you about the history of beer. Throughout the tasting of our six beers, we will explore the evolution of this alcoholic drink and the brewing process. We will learn how beer is brewed and which elements are used in it. We will start from the origin of beer back in the antiquity and learn how beer expanded here in Europe during the Middle Ages. We'll talk about our famous Abbey beers and conclude with a discussion about the recent microbreweries. Throughout this experience we will serve you beers that will document our story. You will taste Trappist beers, which are still brewed by monks according to the old recipes. The Valley of the Senne, where Brussels is located, has that specific particularity that would be on the origin of the spontaneous fermentation that will generate our most remarkable Belgian beer, the Lambic. Then we will serve you an award-winning beer from the World Beer Awards before we end with a Belgian Indian Pale Ale. During the experience, we will teach you how to taste beer using your five senses and after this, you will never drink a beer the same way.

Meeting point: Brussels, rue des Eperonniers 18

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Offered by Sancar
My name is Sancar and I would love to introduce you to Brussels' history and culture. After having worked a decade for the Belgian industry, I decided to quit and dedicate 100% of my time to my passions: Brussels and History! In Brussels you have two communities: Dutch- and Frenchspeaking. I grew up in both of them. To understand Brussels and Belgium, you should really be immersed in both cultures! During my tours I also love to listen to my guests and know more about their experiences. Visiting the city in small groups makes this experience so unique and fun !

by Sancar

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