Mostar's OldBridz Craft Beer Tasting Experience

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Thirsty? Join us on for a tasting of exceptional, locally produced OldBridz Craft Beer at Craft Beer Garden ImaiMože, conveniently located overlooking the Old Town and Radoblja River!

Mostar’s Craft Beer Garden ImaiMože is an exceptional addition to the local landscape and we want to take you for a visit! After a long day of exploring Mostar and its surroundings, lean back and relax while refreshing yourself with the best locally produced craft beer Mostar has to offer. This experience will give you an opportunity to sample the diverse range of locally produced craft beer, featuring the unique OldBridz brews created by the owners of ImaiMože.

Welcome to Craft Beer Garden ImaiMoze!

Welcome to Craft Beer Garden ImaiMoze!

This local experience takes place in ImaiMože’s Craft Beer Garden located overlooking Old Town and the Radoblja River. The staff and brewers at ImaiMože will introduce you to their signature beers, explain the brewing process as well as their particular philosophy, helping you to develop your craft beer savvy.

The tasting includes 8 beers on tap as well as a traditional appetizer plate with locally made bread, cheeses, and meats. Hoping to taste some rakija? This can be incorporated into your tasting experience – please ask for details and costs!

Over the course of about 1.5 hours, the Craft Beer Tasting Experience includes a certified guide to the Craft Beer Garden ImaiMože from a pre-arranged location, beer tasting, discussion and home-made traditional appetizers to nibble on! We will schedule your experience and address any further needs of the group and customize your experience accordingly!

"Ima i Može" loosely translates to "we have and yes you can" from the local language - so, join us at the Craft Beer Garden where they have and you can ENJOY! After tasting them all, we guarantee you will want to stick around to indulge in your favorites!

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