Pottery with The Moroccan Experience.

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Salam! My name is Brahim. I am very interested in artisanal art. I was working in the rug industry in Marrakesh and when I moved to Sale-Rabat, I got amazed by the craft they are making. My mission is to provide my guests with experiences that reflect our culture in terms of values. Also, I am dedicated to enhancing the situation of the crafters of
Moroccan Experience

Moroccan Experience

This experience is a 2 hours period. the first 30 mins we will make a general overview of all the crafts that is made in the Complex. Right after, we will go to our crafter who makes handmade baskets. Khalid is in his 40s, he has his own place in the complex in which he makes his craft. he does many products as you will see. but, we will focus on how to make a simple pot and how to decorate it. In the next 1h 30 mins, we will get to know Khalid and his industry and he will start instructing you of how to make the pot step by step alongside my assistance.
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