Private: Mombacho Volcano Adventure

$65 - $130 / person

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Adventure yourself into the cloud forests of Mombacho Volcano in a 2-hour hike around the inactive crater or zip-lining over coffee plantations.

Our guide picks you up at 8 a.m at the lobby of the centrally located hotel in Managua. We drive directly to Mombacho Volcano. We change the vehicle, a 4WD truck is needed to go up to the summit of the volcano.

The first option is for nature lovers, a 2-hour hike around the inactive crater of the volcano covered by mist and local vegetation, passing by viewpoints, fumaroles, and bridges.
There is a second option which is for adventure lovers. You do not go to the summit but stay at mid-level of the volcano to experience zip lining - 7 platforms - over coffee plantations in 45 minutes, approx.

A the end, relax at the "Casa Hacienda" drinking a hot cup of coffee and may take your lunch at the restaurant.

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