Nomadic Life Revival Adventure

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The Black Tent Nomad Tours aim to revive authentic nomad lifesyle and practices of Anatolian tribal people. coming from centuries back. Like a in time machine , the participans will stay in a big nomadic tent, eat, live, sleep, and move in the mountains like real nomads do. The extreme beauty of Western Taurus Mountains of Turkey will surround us.

In The Black Tent Tours, we will try to know the cultural and historical entourage of Anatolian nomads by being a nomad and experience the same life they had lived during centıries,by walking o the paths they used, the pastures they go for feeding sheep and goats, stay nest to their encampments, listen to their legends and stories. Monumental cedar and juniper trees will surround us as well as karstic lakes and alpine grazes of over 2000 meters altitude. we will be uploading horses or donkeys with our belongings, and migrate in some days. We will be practicing how nomads were cooking, making bread, dyeing wool for making their famous rugs, learnd the basics of hand weaving together. It will be a very special experience to understand how nomads had built such an elegant culture in plain nature and learn about their practical solutions to be able to live in mountains. Moreover it will be possible for the participants to visit some Hellenistic, Lycian and Roman ancient sites to be able to understand the cultural infrastructure of the area in a wider and deeper meaning.

Our tour will begin at 1000 meters of altitude and will finish over 2000 meters altitude, we will have 4 or 4,5 hours of very easy hiking (2 hrs, in the morning and 2 hrs. in the late afternoon) at total 15 km of walking only during migration days. on the days that we will pass in the pastures we will visit nomad families, interact with them, gwt information about the properties of the nature surrounding us, such as juniper and cedar trees, oregano and other medical herbs, cook meals, make natural textile dyeing, weave and enjoy together the beauties of the local nature and history.

So come to join us for this wonderful adventure which is unique in tis scale and content.

  • Day 1 – Arrive to Dalaman Airport. We’ll pick you up from the airport and head to our hotel Club Hotel Barbarossa-Kaş/Antalya.
  • Day 2 – Free time & swimming until 4 pm at Club Hotel Barbarossa and we will leave the hotel at 4.30 pm. At 4.30 pm, a shuttle will take us for the nomad encampment. We will visit a nomad family in Alıçlı (1,000 meters altitude).
  • Day 3 – Our migration tour will start from Alıçlı and we will head to Yongalı Pasture (1,800 Meters altitude).
  • Day 4 – We will stay in Yongalı Pasture for “Cheese Making”, and “Nomad Bread Making”.
  • Day 5 –We will stay in Yongalı Pasture, visit nearby camps, enjoy the beauty of the nature with small excursions.
  • Day 6 – We will migrate from Yongalı Pasture to Karamık Pasture (1,700 meters altitude) passsing by Sinekçi village (1,300 meters altitude).
  • Day 7 – We will migrate to Subaşı Pasture (2,100 meters altitude) from Karamık Pasture by passing Yeşil Göl (Green Lake).
  • Day 8 and 9 –We will stay in Subaşı Pasture (2,100 meters altitude), make excursions to neighbour encampments, enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Day 10 – At 08.00 am we will leave the pasture and arrive to Club Hotel Barbarossa-for some free time.
  • Day 11 – We’ll drop you off to the Dalaman Airport.

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Born in 1980 in Istanbul, Deniz, founder and owner of "The Black Tent Project", first met the fascinating oriental carpet world in 1992 while he was studying in one of French high schools in Istanbul. Deniz developed himself and specialized in hand weaving and natural dyeing, while he was studying Chemical Engineering in university. Then he completed his Masters of Business Administration and at the same time pursued his dreams to specialize on antique textiles. Fascinated by Anatolian nomads’ living style, he travelled Anatolia and lived among nomads for a while. He closely examined the tribal and ethnic-social structure of Anatolia in ... Read more

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