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Born in 1980 in Istanbul, Deniz, founder and owner of "The Black Tent Project", first met the fascinating oriental carpet world in 1992 while he was studying in one of French high schools in Istanbul. Deniz developed himself and specialized in hand weaving and natural dyeing, while he was studying Chemical Engineering in university. Then he completed his Masters of Business Administration and at the same time pursued his dreams to specialize on antique textiles. Fascinated by Anatolian nomads’ living style, he travelled Anatolia and lived among nomads for a while. He closely examined the tribal and ethnic-social structure of Anatolia in the Ottoman era, and presented comprehensive studies mostly centred upon “textiles”. Now he dedicates himself to be the guide of nomadic adventure tours, gives speeches in international textile events and mentors in natural dyeing and international weaving courses.

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Nomadic Life Revival Adventure

The Black Tent Nomad Tours aim to revive authentic nomad lifesyle and practices of Anatolian tribal people. coming from centuries back. Like a in time machine , the participans will stay in a big nomadic tent, eat, live, sleep, and move in the mountains like real nomads do. The extreme beauty of Western Taurus Mountains of Turkey will surround us.

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