Great Barrier Reef

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    May 20, 2020• by emwanders

    Top 5 Things to Do in Cairns, Australia

    Most travelers begin their Aussie journey in Sydney or Melbourne and work their way up the east coast from there, because those are the main cities to fly into on a long haul flight. Me however, I...

    Apr 2, 2019• by Wayne_Thomas

    Five must-see spots to try out in Australia

    Australia is the world’s biggest island, the driest continent on the planet, and the location of some of its oldest geological features. With such a diverse offering for holidaymakers, it’s...

    Jan 23, 2019• by wanderingsuz

    The perfect itinerary for 2 weeks in Australia

    Australia a a huge country. It is as big as the US but with the population of New York city. You would need at least a month to see the different territories and let's face it, most people can't take...

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