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    Sep 16, 2020• by michael_fuquar

    Fun Things When Sailing Around Komodo

    Komodo National Park in East Nusa, the home to the endangered Komodo dragons, offers plenty of exciting activities for outdoor lovers. The Indonesian National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage with...

    Nov 23, 2019• by Hana

    Sailing around Whitsunday Islands in Australia - Travel Tips

    I remember the moment when I saw the Whitehaven Beach for the very first time on Instagram. It was at the time, when I did not plan to come and live in Australia, but I knew that someday I have to go...

    Aug 18, 2019• by Moorspots

    Alternative travel for the East Coast of Australia: By boat!

    Most are familiar with the “East Coast trail” of Australia, taking a 4x4 off the beaten track or the road trip along the notorious Great Ocean Road. But there are even better ways to discover the...

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