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May 2, 2019• by Wonders_Within_Reach

National Historical Parks for Kids on Wheels

I’d been in 34 countries before I ever noticed the accessibility, or lack thereof, within each different nation. That 35th country was a real eye-opener for me – not because it was less...

Nov 27, 2018• by trawickinternational

Know What to Expect: Tips for Disabled Travelers

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has made traveling easier for the 40 million Americans with a permanent or temporary disability. All hotels, modes of transportation, and cruise ships in...

Aug 22, 2018• by Auravoyages

Accessible holidays in India for Wheelchair travellers

It is often believed that India is not accessible for travellers with restricted mobility and in particular for Wheel Chair travellers. But those who have travelled once would confirm that despite...

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traveling in Wheelchair?

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