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Susy, born in Italy in 1976, graduated in Law in 2000 and has been an official in the Public Administration for over ten years. Tired of stamping the badge, in 2014 she decided to follow her dream of opening a business in the responsible tourism’ area. Today she is an entrepreneur, traveler, blogger and volunteer collaborator in several international cooperation projects. She is currently experimenting with a new model of conceiving the hostel, based on sharing not only spaces but also experiences. Concerts, aperitifs, excursions, exhibitions, markets, films, readings. All this and much more will be proposed to guests of the structures participating in the project, but not only: the same guests can actively collaborate in the creation of events that have the purpose of aggregating and entertaining. The first center of the project will be inaugurated in Portugal in April. To find out what's going on, contact Susy at her email address

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