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SG Morocco Tours is committed to linking travelers with local guides everywhere they want to go in Morocco. We provide both public and private tours and adventures for travelers through our carefully selected network of local tour guides. Our guides are passionate and excited to share their knowledge, experience and expertise. Through them we can include unique tours that reflect local culture and diversity of our guests’ interests. We're committed to helping our guides be successful participants in the industry by providing them all the necessary training. We pride ourselves by giving back to our communities – providing job opportunities to talented and ambitious young adults in a country where employment is scarce. In turn, they can assist our guests to find the best tours to suit their needs and budget, the most important reason why our company came into existence.

Tours and activities by sgmoroccotours

Chefchoun day tour

Enjoy a day tour of Chefchoun, the blue pearl city in Morocco.

Fes guided tour - full day

Enjoy one of the oldest city in the world and live the history through the small streets.

Sahara desert tour From Fes to Marrakech

Enjoy your nomad desert tour with us through the the Sahara in Morocco, starts in Fes and finishes in Marrakech.

Fes guided tour

FES CITY, it's one of the oldest city in the world. where you get lost easier in this big medieval city and discover a lot of parts who talk about Islamic Jewish and Berber cultures.

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