Jan 30, 2018• by Clem

Avoiding crowds at Ruins of St. Paul in Macau

Since the Ruins of St. Paul are Macau's most popular attraction, it is often packed with tourists. If you want to avoid the crowds, try not going: Between 9am and 9pm During the...

Jan 30, 2018• by Clem

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden in Macau

Only 15 minutes away from the Ruins of St. Paul by foot, Lou Lim Ieoc is a good little gateaway from Macau's casinos craziness. You'll see plenty of bonsai, a few ponds, small and large...

Jan 30, 2018• by Clem

Visiting Macau's casinos

Entrance to the casinos of Macau is free, just walk in! Casinos are divided into 2 parts: The gambling area, you need to be 21 to enter (an ID can be asked) The shopping area, which is like...

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