Travel Tips 2: Be an Explorer, Be a Good Outdoor Learner

By voyaging_monk | Jun 25, 2021

Outdoor Learnings

Outdoor Learnings

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn and acquire knowledge.

Travellers are natural explorer of landscape, flora & fauna, culture, knowledge and ethics around the world. History is full of people who travelled across the globe and made several discoveries for mankind. Intelligent and eloquent people go outdoors because they know the benefits of going outdoors. It is not only for learning or acquiring knowledge, but also for enhancement of mental and physical performance.
Ancient Indian Samskrita texts tell us:

पर्यटन्पृथिवीम सर्वामगुणान्वेषणतत्परः।
Those who wish to seek virtues travel the entire world.

A good wanderer is not outdoorsy only for fun but is eager to learn and test his/her capabilities in challenging outdoors. Through exploration, a traveller should discover new or a very little-known facts for the world and also learn about the environment, people, culture and language of the places travelled.

According to our ancient Indian texts:

यस्तु सञ्चरते देशान् सेवते यस्तु पण्डितान् ।
तस्य विस्तारिता बुद्धिस्तैलबिन्दुरिवाम्भसि ॥
-Subhashit Manjiri 11-89
If a person travels different countries and serves a scholar (works under one as an apprentice/research scholar/practitioner), then his intellect will expand just like an oil drop on a watery surface.

Outdoor learning gives us amazing experience and extraordinary skills, so we must have an intention to explore the place of visit and learn some skills there. Learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge in the outdoors enhances our abilities to face difficult outdoor challenges in personal and professional life.

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