Montmartre Private Walking Tour

By myparisinsider
Paris, France
$130 / group

This is a 2-hour private walking tour intended to focus on Montmartre neighborhood. You will discover the old Montmartre but also the less touristy parts of this amazing neighborhood. This service is perfect to discover Montmartre as an insider!

This 2-hour private walking tour is focused on Montmartre neighborhood. Your guide is a native Parisian speaking fluent English who is willing to show and explain you what makes Montmartre such a nice area. You will get to know the old and famous Montmartre but also the less touristy parts of the neighborhood. You will also be able to ask all the questions you have as it is a private tour, dedicated to your group only.

You will be able to see the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris obviously, but also the hidden gem Villa LĂ©andre, the unexpected Clos Montmartre, the former building where Van Gogh lived and many more hidden spots.

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Offered by myparisinsider
Hi, I'm Quentin from Paris. I organize private walking tours for English speaking people visiting the city.