Private: Managua Half-Day Tour

$45 - $89 / person

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To live Nicaragua you must first take this history tour as a cornerstone. Join us on this half-day history tour and take a part of Managua with you. Visit the former Somoza Presidential House now in ruins, house museums, and the shores of Lake Xolotlán.

Our guide picks you up at the lobby of the centrally located hotel in Managua. The tour starts from the moment you get on the vehicle passing by main avenues and buildings.

In the vehicle, ascend the hill "Tiscapa" where the ruins of former Somoza Presidential House remains. Here, visit the "Revolutionary Museum" to learn about the history of Somoza era and Sandino. Take time for a panoramic view of Managua City. Later, transfer to the Central PLaza of Managua surrounded by National Palace, Old Cathedral, former Presidential House and the Park. Walk in the park as you see locals in their daily life. After it, arrive at "Paseo Xolotlán" on the shores of the lake. Walk the port filled with kiosks, restaurants as you feel the fresh lake breeze. House museums and a mock-up of old Managua are open to visitors.

At the end of the tour, eat a traditional Nicaraguan meal at your own expense in a famous Nicaraguan restaurant where waiters wear folklore clothing and traditional live music fills the atmosphere.

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