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    Nov 9, 2021• by explorationalways

    Ethical Thai Elephant Sanctuaries

    Northern Thailand is home to many amazing places and offers so much to do. You can explore cities, see Buddhist temples, and so much more. However, the best thing to do in your time in and...

    Feb 4, 2020• by Ngaiza_Adventures

    The Giant Elephant of Tarangire National Park

    Tanzania Has been one among the best destinations for wildlife safari which can be done in any of the 23 National parks, Conservation Area, Game Reserves and Game controlled Area whereby each park...

    Oct 5, 2019• by frankiefaraway

    Visiting an Elephant Sanctuary in Chang Mai

    This was a question I took a lot of thought over. I am a huge animal lover and I wasn’t sure if I felt comfortable with the idea of 'petting' these beautiful animals, as they are not on this earth...

    May 28, 2019• by Ziggy_Camp

    Interacting with Elephants in Thailand

    All you have to do is google elephant cruelty, and you can see the abuse of elephants done in the name of tourism. So how do you have a positive interaction for your kids with elephants without...

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