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    Sep 8, 2021• by TANZANIA_SAFARI_RADAR

    Kilimanjaro Hiking Routes - Lemosho Route: Information & Tips

    Lemosho is widely famous for its beautiful scenery and its great acclimatization profile. Lemosho route approaches the mountain from the west and crosses its way from the Shira ridge to Shira camp...

    Feb 7, 2020• by Ngaiza_Adventures

    Kilimanjaro Climbing (Lemosho Route)

    Kilimanjaro Mountain is the Highest Mountain in Africa and the World's highest freestanding mountain that rise on the undulating surrounding plain that average to 1000M above the sea level. Standing...

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    7 Days Lemosho Route Trek

    From $1985 / person
    Moshi, Tanzania
    7 days

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    7 Days Machame route Kilimanjaro Climb

    From $1800 / person
    Moshi, Tanzania
    7 days

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