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    Dec 15, 2020• by Lauratheexplorer

    How to Spend 7 Nights in Morocco

    Memories of Morocco If you talk to anyone who has afforded Morocco nothing more than a day trip to Tangier, the prospect of touring around the country might not be an appealing one. But given a...

    Oct 4, 2020• by Gap_yearlifestyle

    5 Days in Marrakech

    Marrakech is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. It is a city so full of hustle and bustle, it is almost exhausting to the senses. The sights, smells, sounds, colours, and heat make it an...

    Jan 9, 2020• by Sarah_Yekinni

    Tips for Shopping in Morocco – What to Buy & how To Bargain

    Morocco is truly a shopper’s paradise. The cities of Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes are known not only for their beauty, but for the incredible shopping! You can find just about anything your...

    Oct 4, 2019• by Gotravelwithpurpose

    Morocco at a Glance

    Although I have travelled to over 30 countries, Morocco was my introduction to the African continent. Morocco is primarily a Muslim nation with Arabic as the primary language, an well as Berber...

    Aug 5, 2019• by brokegirlmeetsworld

    Tips for Traveling Solo in Morocco

    Morocco had been on my list for a long time before I finally made the trip there this past April. Before I went, so many people warned me that I wouldn’t be safe traveling there solo. I’m so...

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    Fes Desert Tour

    From $360 / person
    Fes, Morocco
    3 days

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    Sahara desert tour From Fes to Marrakech

    From $340 / group
    Fes, Morocco
    3 days

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