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      Dec 15, 2020• by Lauratheexplorer

      How to Spend 7 Nights in Morocco

      Memories of Morocco If you talk to anyone who has afforded Morocco nothing more than a day trip to Tangier, the prospect of touring around the country might not be an appealing one. But given a...

      Oct 4, 2020• by Gap_yearlifestyle

      5 Days in Marrakech

      Marrakech is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. It is a city so full of hustle and bustle, it is almost exhausting to the senses. The sights, smells, sounds, colours, and heat make it an...

      Oct 27, 2020• by DavidSmithShow

      How to Travel by Train in Morocco

      Morocco has the best train in Africa. Tangier to Casablanca has high-speed train (TGV) service, and Casablanca has a shuttle train (French: Train Navette Rapide, "Fast Shuttle Train"in English, more...

      Feb 23, 2020• by lionsdetour

      Car Rental In Morocco – Checklist And Tips

      Morocco is a beautiful place for a road trip, all year round. In March, when I went there, the weather was really pleasant (23-25 degrees in Marrakech) so apart from having a generous amount of...

      Jan 9, 2020• by Sarah_Yekinni

      Tips for Shopping in Morocco – What to Buy & how To Bargain

      Morocco is truly a shopper’s paradise. The cities of Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes are known not only for their beauty, but for the incredible shopping! You can find just about anything your...

      Nov 8, 2019• by Gotravelwithpurpose

      Morocco at a Second Glance

      When writing these posts I want to be transparent about the good and bad sides of the places we visit, and provide you with my first impressions contrasted against the more fair second...

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      Original Surf Morocco

      $20 - $70 / 2 
      Agadir, Morocco

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      Kingdom of Morocco tour

      From $1978 / person
      Casablanca, Morocco
      13 days

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