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Jul 8, 2020• by VisitExeter

Get on The Water in Exeter

In Exeter, we’re blessed to be surrounded by glorious canals, rivers, estuaries and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast that are perfect for watersports! Your journey opportunities are endless, there...

Aug 8, 2019• by not_all_hippies

Drinking water: India

You should live by 1 rule when in India, if it isn't filtered it isn't safe! Whether you're in a 5 star restaurant or buying a bottle of water from a streetside store...always ask if it is filtered...

Jul 26, 2018• by Janet

Travelling in India

Hi! My name is Janet. My husband and I have travelled to India 14 times over the past 15 years. It’s our favorite place on Earth and we absolutely love it. Each time we have visited India, our...

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