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Hello, I am Les. I am an airline captain for a major U.S. airline for a living. I created the Captain Jetson Travel Site as a fun hobby, blogging about travel and aviation. The site was launched in May of 2018. After having traveled the entire world nonstop, visiting about every country on Earth for over thirty years, I wanted to share some of my travel and air traveler expertise through I would say I am totally different from other travel bloggers: To be honest, after a lifetime of travel I do not prefer to spend my life in jets, hotel rooms, feeling jet-lagged, or seeing the same far-away place hundreds of times over, on my time off :-) If you haven’t traveled for a living, then travel is wonderful. If you do it for a living for 30+ years it becomes just another job, and you cannot wait to spend time at home, sleeping in your own bed again! Blogging is relaxing and fun for me, writing about how to travel the world. Writing about travel tips, guidance, guides, how-to’s, destinations, and visitor/reader interaction on the website is all fun to me. I get a lot of requests from fellow travel bloggers too, about guest writing on my site. That, in turn, has helped the huge amount of visitors coming to the site every day, at rapidly increasing numbers. If you are a blogger, feel free to send me a note through the website. I am always looking forward to getting to know travel bloggers, as well as travel bloggers with strong aviation/air travel expertise and background, like myself.

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