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My name is Wallace Soares, a native of Rio de Janeiro, a training tourist, a backpacker, a compulsive writer and a travel blogger. Since 2015, I have been sharing through this blog my adventures as a backpacker across the American continent.  Desbravando as Américas is the realization of a great life project that was born in 2014, during one of the worst stages of my life when I was unemployed, in debt and suffering from a great love disappointment. During this period of depression and idleness, an idea was hammering hard in my head: “I need to travel and know the world to be happy!” For a week I was locked in my room and through the google maps app I set up a travel itinerary across the American continent with the goal of getting to Alaska by bus to meet the fantastic northern lights in person. With the script in hand, I began a five-goal goal plan that would make this incredible adventure possible. They were: getting a good job, fitness, transportation, lodging and passport. I started a detailed research on how to make my dream possible and in June 2015 I finally started the Desbravando as Américas project. Mission Conduct a road trip by bus through all the countries of the American continent in order to know the history, culture, cuisine and natural beauty through the point of view of locals. Thus demonstrating that with the right planning it is possible to make great trips economically, during the holidays, and encouraging more Brazilians to come to know the wonders present in our continent. Objective / Goals The project will be carried out in stages and in the long term, in which I will be braving alone on my way to Alaska using local road transport (buses), hitchhikers (when they arise), maritime transport (when needed) and air transportation (only in the latter case). . Most accommodations will be made through the shared economy platform - couchsurfing - providing greater interaction with locals, but also hostels, hostels and budget hotels will be used. I will put here information and tips on each step of the trip to help other travelers (backpackers or not) to explore the amazing American continent. Do not waste time and embark with me on this adventure! Wallace soares

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