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Hey! My name is Mark. I’m Maltese and live in Malta although I feel more European than Maltese to be honest. I’ve been wanting to set up a travel blog for a very long time. This year, I turned 50! Fifty is the new twenty, right? Or so I hear them say! In any case, that’s how old I feel, twenty, thanks to my liberal mindset and my 11 km runs, which I perform almost religiously five times a week! I travel frequently to a different place each time and I would like to share with you my experiences, both good and not so good, about my travels. I still remember my first holiday abroad at the tender age of 7, when, together with my parents and brother, I flew to Catania in nearby Sicily. I can still recall my awe at looking down some of the main craters of that most majestic of volcanoes, Mt Etna. Unfortunately, I also recollect the many hours we trudged around markets and shops! Ironically, I actually enjoy shopping around and visiting markets today! Throughout the years, I’ve been to many countries and to even more cities. Most of them are in Europe although my vision is to go beyond that in the future. I’ve climbed mountains, swam in rivers and lakes, found love in North Macedonia and even had my hired car broken into in Liverpool and my bags, passport and all personal belongings taken off me! But that’s another story, which I will one day narrate! My dream is to visit EVERY country in Europe, from the cold but fiery wastes of Iceland right down to the oriental feel of Kazakhstan. It might be a tall ambition but I’m almost there as I’ve already been to most countries in Europe. Of course, once I do that, I will widen my horizons. Besides my experiences, I also want to share with you my many photos of the lovely places I’ve been to. I’m no professional photographer but I do have an eye for detail. In fact, I sometimes surprise even myself, if I may say so.

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