Dec 23, 2018• by Jan J

Beautifully weird Japan

Japan - beautifully weird. As a western person in Japan I sometimes felt like I was in a totally different world. A trip to Japan requires thorough preparation. Tourists, particularly those from...

Dec 13, 2018• by randrwander

Carry Cash in Japan

Today's tip is almost an extension to my other tip while in Japan where I explained the value of the Passmo card. This tip however is to make sure you carry cash in Japan. Despite major cities in...

Dec 12, 2018• by randrwander

Visiting Japan? Get a Passmo

When visiting Japan, if you have any intention of using public transit at all, get a Passmo card! This card can be loaded with money and used to take metro, buses, and can even be used in many...

Dec 11, 2018• by randrwander

Easily Find Gluten Free Food in Japan

Quick Tip: While in Japan, you can always find gluten free food at 7-11 or Cococurry. 7-11 can be found nearly everywhere in Japan, it doesn't matter how small the town is. Onigiri make a great...

Nov 30, 2018• by okonomiNOMS

Our experience at a Japanese Ryokan and Onsen

Harataki Ryokan and Onsen This year we were lucky enough to experience our first Traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokan 旅館 ) and natural hot spring (Onsen 温泉). This is one of our most treasured...

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