Essential to pack for a Day Trip

By VTravelNetwork | Jan 15, 2019

Hi Travel Fam,

Thinking of wanting to do day trips but not sure of what to pack for that trip then look no further:

* Bottle of water = You must always hydrate yourself

* Snacks = Always good to have something to fuel your body along with H2o

* Clothing = No harm in packing light clothing

* Hat & Sunglasses = Never too late to protect your head and eyes from the wonderful scenery that you may encounter

* Sunscreen = Slip slop slap to protect yourself from the sun

* Rain Jacket or Umbrella = Like the sun ensure that you protect yourself from the rain as well
* Passport = IMPORTANT to have on you

* Cash = Always good to have spare cash on hand in case of those little unforeseen circumstances occur

* Camera = Either this be on your phone or normal camera it is a MUST to have so that you can capture those precious moments to cherish and share with family and friends

* Paracetamol = Having a packet in your bag can come in handy, you may not need it but someone along the way just might need some

These are just to name a few that can be packed into a day pack for those amazing day trips, if there are anything else that you prefer to keep close by as long as it's not bulky or heavy then by all means take them along with you.

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