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Oct 22, 2020• by EmilyCeara07

Runderful Paris: Part 1

Hello fellow travelers! I live in Paris, I am a runner. And that I am truly thankful for because a huge part of enjoying French culture in depth is of course indulging in the world famous cuisine...

Oct 15, 2020• by EmilyCeara07

The Layover: The Lullaby or The Lamentable Experience?

The dreaded situation of every traveler: The Layover. We have all been in that hot seat- whatever the extenuating circumstances may have been to have landed you there.. Here we are! Well, this is...

Oct 9, 2020• by AnnaLowthian

Beijing's Covid-19 Health Kit App

- This is a must have! WeChat is used by everyone in China (and Asia) and used for everything. Buying food, paying for the subway, paying rent and topping up my phone bill etc! Since covid 19...

Sep 26, 2020• by enriquetrips

How to Travel to Mexico on the Cheap

Many people think they need to spend a fortune to travel. However, the reality is it's not necessary to break your bank. Yes, you will definitely need to save some money, but it may be way less than...

Sep 25, 2020• by awalkintheworld

5 Tips Before Your First Japan Trip

Japan is so unique, it doesn't matter which part of the world you are visiting from, you will get a lot of surprises! If you are a first time traveler, I am pretty sure, there will be a lot of...

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