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    Mar 18, 2021• by TravelsWithMichael

    Solo Travel

    So, I travel for work - a lot! I work in the film industry and sometimes I am required to work out of town. I am also sometimes require to work out of state - and if I am lucky - out of the country...

    Feb 23, 2021• by Mature_Solo_Traveler

    Join Meetup Groups when You Are Traveling

    “How do you meet people who are interested in the same things you are, either in a place you live in, or one you are visiting?” “Where do you get ideas on new things to do?” “What can I do...

    Feb 6, 2021• by thewanderingpen18

    An Epic Celebration for An Epic Graduation – My Solo Trek to Hampta Pass

    Bali, Maldives, Goa, Dubai. Hundreds of my batchmates graduating but these are the only places I've been hearing about. I wasn't keen on a graduation trip in the first place, I've never enjoyed...

    Jan 21, 2021• by suetravels

    Travelling Solo Safely

    When I tell people I'm travelling, usually solo, the stock response is 'Aren't you brave'? I first travelled on my own, to Germany, on the train, when I was 15, so you might say I'm used to it. But...

    Jan 14, 2021• by suetravels

    Why Travel Solo?

    None of your friends have the curiosity gene? Or they think you're plain bonkers? Or you just prefer your own company. Sometimes it's a little lonely travelling solo. But I've learned that I don't...

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