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    Jan 21, 2021• by suetravels

    Travelling Solo Safely

    When I tell people I'm travelling, usually solo, the stock response is 'Aren't you brave'? I first travelled on my own, to Germany, on the train, when I was 15, so you might say I'm used to it. But...

    Jan 21, 2021• by ebonytravelers

    Group Travel: Choosing Travel Partners

    Before Covid, there were tons of fun awesome looking pictures of group travel and I'm sure many were tempted and inspired to put a travel group together. I spoke on an earlier blog about travel...

    Jan 17, 2021• by BigGayPugliaPodcast

    Puglia Know How | Planning Your Holiday in Puglia

    Benvenuti in Puglia - welcome to Puglia Puglia is a diverse region. Geographically as well as culturally. From rugged, to green and glorious. With olive groves stretching all the way to the...

    Dec 24, 2020• by passportsmatter

    Expediting in And out The Airport!

    TSA PreCheck, CLEAR, and Global Entry are all ways to help expedite the security process and cut down time at the airport! When traveling picking back up, getting in an out the airport quickly...

    Dec 12, 2020• by MikeHoward

    Get the Scoop Before Taking the Trip

    I grew up glued to our little black and white TV, mesmerized by 30-minute travel shows like I Search for Adventure, Golden Voyages, and Seven League Boots. I was riveted by exotic Borneo...

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