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Oct 18, 2020• by cait_kontalis

4 Tips For Packing Light

I am a huge proponent for (almost) always only bringing a carry-on flight. A lot of folks tell me “I just can't do that!” and I'm here to tell you that you can. A nice infinity scarf goes...

Oct 7, 2020• by TheSoloist

Solo Travel in a Foreign-Speaking Country

Q: How do you travel alone without speaking the local language? A: Time to get scrappy! The level of difficulty that comes from traveling to a foreign-speaking country is a BROAD spectrum. ...

Sep 30, 2020• by TravelWise

How to Plan the Perfect Social-Distancing Staycation

Experts have spilled plenty of ink about the damage the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in terms of human lives and suffering. However, one casualty that has received far less attention is the...

Sep 18, 2020• by Mahiya

Requirements and Things that We Have to Look Before a Jaipur Trip

India is a country famous for its culture, customs and traditions. There are total 28 states in India. Each and every state is famous for its speciality. Rajasthan known for its hot climate, deserts...

Sep 1, 2020• by cait_kontalis

What I Wish I Knew On My First Trip

As with anything, the more you do it the better you get. I'd love to go back and tell my 16-year-old self I only need a carry-on and not two checked suitcases for ten days in Ireland. Here I am...

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