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Apr 8, 2020• by lionsdetour

How To Find Cheap Flights

Problem: it’s been a few months since your last holiday and you’ve got itchy feet again. Alternatively, you came back to work and the daily grind hit you hard from day one and you feel ready...

Mar 5, 2020• by thistlesandcoos

7 Techniques in Choosing the Ideal Flight

Thistles and Coos is committed to bringing you travel information that is relevant and relatable. We use our own personal experiences to create applicable advice and stories. Before flying out...

Feb 15, 2020• by Cassie___thosetraveldays_blog

Overcoming a Fear of Flying in 8 Steps

In 2013, I took a flight home from Rome and cried in fear throughout. I would not let go of my friend’s hand and suffered wave after wave of suffocating panic until we landed. For the next...

Jan 30, 2020• by Balloon_Adventures_Prague

Cool, Hidden and Unusual Things to Do in Prague

Ahoj! We are Balloon Adventures Prague, a bunch of hot air balloon enthusiasts. As locals we want to give you some tips about Prague Hidden Gems, so here we are with series of blog posts. Let’s...

Nov 6, 2019• by Globetrotter

How to NOT Get Sick on an Airplane

If you travel regularly, the possibility of illness is a vague awareness; you get by most of the time - until you don't. Then you remember how lucky you've been the last x times you flew, before...

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