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    Apr 19, 2021• by ebonytravelers

    Before You Travel

    Many times, travelers get so excited about taking a trip and their destination expectations, they forget to plan for the actual trip. One should do many things to prepare before you travel, but from...

    Mar 23, 2021• by TheTravelJournalist

    Where to Get the Cheapest UK Covid Tests for Travel

    Gross as it might seem to stick a wand down the back of your throat before poking it up your nose, it seems that we'll have to get used to doing precisely that if we want to travel overseas in the...

    Mar 6, 2021• by wasatch

    End Jet Lag

    While reading a neurological research article on the effects of lowered oxygen concentration on how well rats sleep at night, I saw that jet lag can be eliminated. I don't know why these scientists...

    Feb 26, 2021• by DrTripTravel

    Top Tips for Tackling Time Difference

    Jet lag is an included item in the long-haul travel package - it is inevitable, dreaded, and simply exhausting. You may have heard of the term 'body clock'. Well, this is exactly what jet lag...

    Feb 15, 2021• by ebonytravelers

    Five Tips to Claiming Your Space when Traveling

    I mentioned before about biases and microaggression often encountered by people of color while traveling. I recently traveled and even though I am an experienced traveler, had some similar travel...

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