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    Dec 18, 2020• by PassportReverie

    How To Survive a Long Haul Flight in Economy

    Can you survive a long, international flight in basic economy? Of course you can. Should you do it if you don't have to? Ehhhh, maybe not. It's not easy, but it doesn't have to be terrible. As...

    Oct 18, 2020• by cait_kontalis

    4 Tips For Packing Light

    I am a huge proponent for (almost) always only bringing a carry-on flight. A lot of folks tell me “I just can't do that!” and I'm here to tell you that you can. A nice infinity scarf goes...

    Oct 15, 2020• by EmilyCeara07

    The Layover: The Lullaby or The Lamentable Experience?

    The dreaded situation of every traveler: The Layover. We have all been in that hot seat- whatever the extenuating circumstances may have been to have landed you there.. Here we are! Well, this is...

    Oct 6, 2020• by midwestlifestyleandtravel

    Travelling Light: What Do I Pack In a Carry on Bag?

    My greatest fear when traveling abroad is that the airline will lose my bag. While I have had the good fortune to never had this happen to me its best to prepare for the worst if it should happen in...

    Aug 20, 2020• by greenearthadventuretales

    Top 3 Travel Tips for Single Parents

    I became a single parent to my two children when they were five and four. At that time, I decided that I would work very hard to provide them with all the same opportunities and experiences that...

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