The Right Luggage for Your Trip

By ebonytravelers | Sep 29, 2021

The right luggage for your trip.

The right luggage for your trip.

There are so many packing tips available, but few discuss the right bag for the trip. The type of bag you carry can make a big difference in your travel experience. There are several considerations to make the best decision on what kind of bag to carry on a trip. Here are some thoughts that will help you ensure you are carrying the right bag for the trip. How long will your trip be? How are you traveling, plane, train, or by car? How much are you packing?

Many travelers try to travel with as little luggage as possible. With the cost of checked baggage, tips on traveling lights are plentiful. But what if your trip is more than a weekend or a week. What considerations should you make? Will you be carrying your luggage for any length of time? How often will you be handling your luggage? How much does your luggage weigh? Suitcases, backpacks, or tote bags are a few choices available.

Suitcases are the easiest option, with a carry-on suitcase being the most go-to option. However, many travelers also use tote bags, backpacks, or even trunks. Most suitcases have wheels, so they are effortless to maneuver through the airport and city. When considering a suitcase, consider its size, features, durability, price, and safety.

Size is essential as you may have trouble lifting or maneuvering your luggage throughout your trip. In addition, airlines have strict baggage dimensions. While you may be allowed one checked bag, you are still subject to fees if that bag is considered oversized. Additionally, with larger baggage, most people tend to overpack.

Suitcases have many different features. Some have either two or four wheels. A suitcase with two wheels can tend to tip over, while one with four wheels usually stays upright and is easier to maneuver. Handles should be adjustable to your height. Picture trying to roll a child suitcase being over 5 feet tall. Another helpful feature is external pockets in the suitcase or baggage. Outside pockets are handy for last-minute additions or when going through security.

When it comes to durability, whether your luggage is waterproof or not will make a difference if your baggage is handled during rain or ends up in a puddle somewhere. In addition, travel can be hard on luggage, and the last thing any traveler wants to experience is to have their luggage fall apart while on a trip.

Luggage should have safety features that include sturdy zippers or a latch system. In addition, travelers should consider durable locks or zip ties. Locks have to be TSA certified, or you will risk having them cut off by TSA. Zip ties are an alternative to locks. While not very secure, you will at least know if someone has been in your luggage.

The price of luggage is a personal decision, and often price reflects the quality. However, designer luggage does not always equate with quality when traveling. While it may be stylish, baggage is almost always damaged, scuffed, or scratched during travel. In addition, designer cases are more susceptible to theft.

I hope you find these tips valuable. Drop me a comment; I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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