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A trek that can very appropriately be described as a trek of dreams, the Hampta Pass Trek treats you with an amazing display of diverse landscapes within a 5-day mountain rhapsody. The simple conflicting sweeps of the topography that varies from lush green mammoths to the crisp contrasting expanses of deserted wilderness hold you in awe. The very drama you witness as you cross over this trek is simply breathtaking.

Located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, the Hampta Pass Trek resembles a live canvas painted in the very distinctive settings of Himachal Pradesh.

About Hampta Pass

At an altitude of 14,010 feet, Hampta Pass is one of the most astounding trekking options that the state of Himachal Pradesh has to offer. Even though it has a comparatively moderate level of difficulty, Hampta Pass trek is a wonderful opportunity for amateurs and veterans alike. It is sure to captivate travellers with its alluring panoramas and spectacular vistas. The dense pinewood forests, green meadows that run up until the horizon, rustling mountain streams, vibrant and beautiful wildflowers, daunting mountains, beautiful valleys, serene lakes, and pools – the entire path of Hampta Pass trek is paved with everything you can dream of to witness on a trek.

Hampta Pass is actually just a small corridor between the Chandra valley of Lahaul and the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh- it is a fascinating crossover from Manali to Spiti. At Hampta Pass, the spectacular view always sweeps you off your feet. The colossal Mount Indrasen, Deo Tibba and numerous snow-laden peaks rising as high as 19,7000 feet stand tall at a distance and greet you as you enter the valley with a magical embrace. The arid landscape of Lahaul Valley along with naked mountains presents you with the most widely panoramic view possible, down below.

Tucked in between the godly folds of the Pirpanjal Range of the Himalayas. The moniker of this valley derives from a beautiful hamlet of the same name. Hampta Village is located just below Sethan Village, which falls on the way of the trek to Hampta.

Hampta Pass trek is particularly famous for its higher grasslands, which the travellers would cross on their journey up to the highest point. At times, these patches of open land are used as campsites as well. These meadows are frequented by shepherds from the various foothill regions during the summer months when the cold deserts of Lahaul Valley are too barren for the animals' cattle to feed on. The locals of the valley also believe very firmly that a certain kind of grass which they call ‘Neeru', is a great source of nutrition for the herds and therefore is a really good feed.

Highlights of the Hampta Pass trek

Elevation- The trek takes you to an elevation of 14,010 feet. There are hardly any treks that offer such a staggering elevation and that too in a short span of just 5 days.
Mountain villages- Splendid mountain villages nestled in the lap of the Himalayas are the best places to relax, unwind and lose yourself in oblivion! At an elevation of 8,860 feet, Sethan is one such village that allows you to just be! Located at a 45-minute drive from Manali, this petite Buddhist town surrounded by the towering Dhauladhar ranges, is literally a paradise set on earth. Hampta village, located just below Sethan village, is supposed to be the track to heaven. It is widely believed that Yudhishthir, the Pandava king took this route on his journey to heaven. You also get to experience the distinct culture of the local populace of Lahaul and Spiti, the high-altitude marvels of nature.

Exotic Flora and Fauna- The trek treats you to a variety of Himalayan flora and fauna. The grasslands are paved with beautiful wildflowers in myriad hues. The petite rhododendrons lining the forest trails make up a rosy pink contrast to the glossy green landscape of Pinewood, Deodar, Maple, Silver Birch, and mighty oak trees. You also encounter Shepherd dogs, sheep, colourful Himalayan Birds such as white-capped redstarts and whistling thrushes that call the Alpine forests their home.

Splendid mountain ranges- Imposing Pir Panjal range, gigantic mountains of Dhauladhar range and the solitary mountains of Lahaul and Spiti stun you with their beauty. You witness the lush green mountains that are dotted with snow-capped peaks and also an arid panorama of naked mountains, all in this 5-day trek. The alluring sights of Deo Tibba, Mount Indrasen and its glaciers from the top of Hampta Pass are sure to have a mind numbing effect on you.

How to reach Hampta Pass from Delhi

The best way you can reach Hampta Pass from Delhi is via Manali. Reaching from New Delhi to Manali is probably one of the simplest and easiest parts of the whole journey. The distance between Delhi and Manali is roughly around 550 kilometres. You can choose your preferred mode of transport from the following three-

  • By train- Even though there is no direct train to Manali from Delhi, you can either take a Shatabdi train to Chandigarh or a train to Pathankot and from there hire a cab or take a bus to the city of Manali.
  • By road- The distance between Delhi and Manali is roughly around 550 km, and the distance between Chandigarh and Manali is 310 km. So you can either take a bus from Delhi directly to Manali or travel to Chandigarh from Delhi and then take a bus from Chandigarh to Manali. There is a good number of buses that run between these cities and Manali. From Delhi, it takes around 14 hours to reach Manali by bus and it takes around 8 hours to reach Manali from Chandigarh by bus.
  • By air- Fly to the city of Bhuntar located just 52 kilometres away from Manali, There are several private and Indian Airlines flights to Bhuntar that operate on a regular basis. From Bhuntar, you can take a cab or a direct bus to Manali.

Things to carry for the Hampta Pass trek

Below is a shortlist of things that you should carry along with you when joining the Hampta Pass Trek-

  • Durable good-quality trekking shoes
  • Camping shoes for crossing streams
  • Thick woollen socks
  • Thermal innerwear
  • Heavy fleece clothes
  • Torch
  • Whistle
  • Covers to store used/wet clothing
  • Winter jacket and waterproof coat
  • Trekking pants
  • Woollen cap, gloves, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen lotion and other toiletries
  • Water bottle
  • Trekking pole
  • First aid kit
  • Personal medication
  • Swiss knife
  • A torch or flashlight with extra batteries
  • A valid ID

Best time for the Hampta Pass trek

Mid-June to mid-October is probably the best time to visit Hampta Pass. Higher regions of the valley may have some snow in the early days of the season but it always melts down completely by the commencement of the month of August.

It is one of the few treks that can even be enjoyed during monsoon season, but of course with some caution. With melted snow, the lakes and streams are brimmed with sparkling water in the monsoon season. Silver waterfalls gushing down the mountains is surely a thing of beauty. The meadows are glowing with fresh grass and calm with cool mountain air, soaking your senses with freshness.

Chandra Taal lake is easily accessible during these times and this is one of the major reasons why trekkers choose to go on this trek from mid-June to mid-October.

Level of difficulty

The trek is defined as an easy to moderate trek and is a good fit for beginners as well as seasoned trekkers. One must have an optimum level of fitness for undertaking this trek. It surely has fewer challenges when compared to other treks of this elevation. Although some of the trails are moderately challenging, there are hardly any long stretches of treacherous trekking. Very few terrains require steep ascends and carefully descends. The difficulty level of this trek is majorly dependent on the weather conditions.

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