How to Plan a Romantic Surprise Trip for the Holidays

By HerLifeAdventures | Dec 23, 2022

Need a great romantic gesture for your partner this holiday season? One of the best ways to achieve this is by taking them on a romantic surprise trip. Surprise vacations are thrilling, but they can be difficult to organize since you want to ensure that your loved one has a good time without giving anything away.

How To Plan A Romantic Surprise Trip for the Holidays

How do you surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway? Keeping a surprise vacation for your love a secret is a major challenge. The following recommendations can help you in organizing a fantastic unexpected vacation that they'll never know was coming, but that they absolutely love.

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Know Your Budget

Having a budget for your surprise trip sounds anything but romantic. But it's always better to have a top price in mind no matter what you're doing. Otherwise, you could easily find yourself overspending, and if you do that, you'll have trouble in all different areas of your life – and so will your loved one.

To make the romantic surprise trip something you won't regret because it has made you short on your rent or has you eating noodles every day for a week, you need to think carefully about your budget.

Having an overall amount of money you can spend is good. But it's best to split it into separate parts to really understand what will work and what is too expensive. This means you'll know how much you can spend on transport, how much on accommodation, how much is left for spending money, and how much you have for emergencies (you just never know, and it's better to be safe than sorry). Once you have all this information, you'll be able to plan the best trip you can afford without worrying and, ideally, without borrowing. Thinking of taking a romantic surprise trip? Here are some more tips to get you started.

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Keep Your Romantic Surprise Trip a Secret

It might sound obvious that you need to keep a surprise trip a secret from your partner. Otherwise, the surprise will be ruined. But it is something that you might accidentally overlook in your excitement at researching where you want to go or just because you're busy.
What would happen, for example, if you left your laptop open on a page detailing romantic surprise trips to somewhere lovely and your partner walked past and noticed? They might question you about it, and ruin the surprise! But even if they didn't, they probably wouldn't be as surprised as you might hope they would be when you finally tell them. There are many other incidences where you can accidentally let the plan slip before you're ready.

This is why you need to be careful. Always shut down your computer (or at least the pages you were looking at), for example. If a travel agent is going to call you, save their number as something like ‘Work' in your phone. That way if it's spotted, your secret won't be out. You can also use incognito mode for searching whatever you need to search for. Bear in mind, however, that this doesn't necessarily mean everything is hidden. So you might want to learn how to delete that browsing history. That way, everything is covered, and your secret can stay a secret until you're ready to announce where and when you're going.

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Choose The Right Destination

It may be a lot of fun to plan a surprise birthday trip for someone. However, it also has the potential to become a major issue. When planning a surprise vacation, there are many details to work out in advance. Really the most important of all is where you are going to go. The problem is, you can't just outright ask the question of where someone would most like to visit. That would potentially give the surprise away. Especially if the question came out of nowhere (although if you can work it naturally into a conversation, that would definitely help you).

Therefore you need to think about what you know of the person. Have they ever said there was somewhere they had always wanted to go?

Are they into any specific hobbies that would lead them to make a connection with a place either at home or abroad? (An example might be someone who loves country music, making Nashville a good option or someone who has a favorite film and you can take a trip to the location)? Do they like crowds (so cities could be a good choice), or do they prefer peace and quiet (the woods, in other words)? Take everything you know, and you should be able to work out a good destination. If you get really stuck, ask their friends and family, but make sure they keep it a secret from the person you're booking for.

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Set The Date

Although picking the right destination is crucial, choosing the right dates to go is just as important. If you book a vacation only to find they already have plans or can't get the time off work. You may well have wasted your money.

This part may involve you being creative. It could mean you have to look at their work or personal calendars. It might mean speaking to their boss to book the time off on their behalf. Again, the secret element of the idea will have to be explained.

If you're unsure about doing this, there is another option. You can research everything, put the money aside, and have everything ready to pay online or through a travel agent. But do not actually book anything before you tell your partner about their surprise. They can then let you know which dates are best. It might not be quite as fun as having everything ready, but it does save a lot of worrying. And it does mean the trip will definitely go ahead and it will be a lot less stressful.

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Is It The Right Thing To Do?

Finally, before you pay any money or make any bookings. Think carefully about whether a surprise vacation is the right thing for your partner. Just because it's something you would definitely love, that doesn't mean they will. For some, it's a nightmare that forces them to change plans and leave their comfort zone, and it's far more stressful than it is enjoyable. Take this into account and ensure that the person you're booking the trip for is going to love it.

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