5 Reasons Why I Took A Tour To Montenegro

By irisperience | Oct 7, 2018
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Tours aren't for everyone. But here's my 5 reasons why I booked a group tour during my Montenegro trip.

1. Planning

I don't have to do planning. They do it for me. No need to research on what to see and what to do or be conscious of the time spent in a place. Vacation made simple... easy!

2. Information

Usually they have a tour guide. They give you information about what you are seeing. They give recommendations, like best or cheap restaurants to try, activities to enjoy, tips on where to buy souvenir items and much more.
At least whenever I have questions, I have a reliable person to ask things like "Where's the toilet?" (that's very important for me)

Group tour with our tour guide

Group tour with our tour guide

3. Saves Time

Keep in mind that I took this trip from Croatia and I only had 2 days to spend there. For me to be able to visit a neighboring country, booking a tour made sense as I only had 1 day left. I don't want to risk missing the bus trip back to Croatia in case of a problem coming up along the way... and that leads me to my next reason...

4. Transportation

It is a big help that I don't have to plan how to get to my destination. No worries about getting lost or how to deal with public transportation and people who don't speak English.
All I have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the view and look forward to where they are about to take me.

On the bus going to Montenegro

On the bus going to Montenegro

5. Socializing

Since I am traveling solo, a tour is a great way for me to meet fellow travelers. I will be spending my whole day trip with them so I would love to hear their travel stories and tips as well. Also, I'll get a chance to meet new friends... wee!



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Written by irisperience
Hi, I'm Iris from the Philippines and I love travelling and travel photos are my most treasured thing. Visited 11 countries and have tried solo traveling.

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Jun 1, 2019 at 23:02

Montenegro is such a great country!! I can't wait to go back there.

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